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Remarkable Surfboard Shelf
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Dana starts with a 5 wood surfboard. They keep the cute nose, tail, fin, and stringers, cut it in half and add a pair of wood brackets - leaving you with a beautiful display shelf. Select a modern, hook-shaped fin or a vintage, quarter-circle-shaped fin to customize shelfs look.The tail block is as unique as every and efin, all of which are made from exotic hardwoods like zebrawood, purple heart, ... Item: 514308350

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 Tier Folding Stackable Shelf Wide Product picture - 468

Tier Folding Stackable Shelf Wide

477572191 94896 - Winsome Wood Tier Folding Stackable Shelf Wide

GO BoShelf Unit  Product picture - 468

GO BoShelf Unit

481046678 7315-2001-17 - Organized Living GO BoShelf Unit

Slanted Shelf Bookcase dw Product picture - 468

Slanted Shelf Bookcase dw

498662120 82430 - Winsome Wood Slanted Shelf Bookcase dw

freedomRail Big O BoShelf Product picture - 468

freedomRail Big O BoShelf

517790422 73153130-P - Organized Living freedomRail Big O BoShelf

Cappuccino Glass Nesting Table Set Product image - 468

Cappuccino Glass Nesting Table Set

549721443 I-3011 - Cappuccino Glass Nesting Table Set

Book DVD Cabinet Product image - 468

Book DVD Cabinet

498804820 94944 - Book DVD Cabinet

Cherry Veneer Accent Side Table Product image - 468

Cherry Veneer Accent Side Table

628652288 I-3384 - Cherry Veneer Accent Side Table

Sonoma Cubbie Bench Product image - 468

Sonoma Cubbie Bench

509004478 BSC-4820-P - Sonoma Cubbie Bench

Timber Coffee Table Product image - 468

Timber Coffee Table

629717225 20238 - Timber Coffee Table

Veneer Dia Accent Table Product image - 468

Veneer Dia Accent Table

549721235 I-335457-P - Veneer Dia Accent Table

 gal Akro Attached Lid Bin pk Product image - 468

gal Akro Attached Lid Bin pk

477571998 39120-P - gal Akro Attached Lid Bin pk

CLEARANCECart Cover dh Clear Product image - 468

CLEARANCECart Cover dh Clear

614327394 CO2466CL-C - CLEARANCECart Cover dh Clear

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